The Park Foundation has a big heart and focus on youth and especially those who may be under privileged or at risk. Youth today battle so many societal and peer pressures along with the trends of today of attempting to get them more active and living a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Studies have proven that accessibility to facilities and programs during idle times drastically increase their ability to lead happy and productive lives and make good decisions.

Over the years the Foundation has annually supported the I-Compete Program in coordination with the Partners for Our Communities (POC). The goal of the I-Compete program is to stimulate and encourage interest in this way of life, introduce various skill development opportunities, nurture, coach and open doors to structured and competitive programs. I-Compete program concentrates its efforts on the youth within the northeast quadrant of Palatine and facilitates numerous programs and services such as summer camp, trips, events and after school structure. The base of the program is hosted at the Falcon Park Recreation Community Center. To date it is estimated that 55,000 youth have participated in the I-Compete Program and the Foundation over this same time has contributed more than $21,000 to create these opportunities.