Palatine Park Foundation is committed to providing recreational services to all residents who wish to participate in Park District Programs. Our Scholarship Program is intended to provide a reduced fee to residents who otherwise would not be able to participate in Park District recreation programs due to financial constraints. Eligibility is limited to residents within the Palatine Park District who request a waiver of fees and meet our scholarship guidelines.

The Scholarship Application packet includes our scholarship guidelines as well as a list of programs that are not available for scholarship funding. Please fill the application out completely and include a brief letter if necessary to explain your current situation and any special circumstances that may apply. In addition, you must include proof of residency, and a copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax Return (Form 1040 or 1040A) and corresponding W-2 or 1099 earnings summaries and three (3) of the most recent pay stubs from each wage earner. Applicants who are exempt from filing a tax return will be required to provide verification of non-filing status. Scholarship requests will be considered once all required documentation is received. Participants will not be able to participate in programs until the request is processed and appropriate fees have been paid.

Scholarship Guidelines

  1. Applicant must be a resident of the Palatine Park District and must provide:
    • A current, valid Illinois Driver’s License or State ID with current address; OR
    • A current Voter’s Registration card (with name, address and Palatine Park District listed) and a current utility bill with your name/resident address and photo identification; OR
    • Two current utility bills with your name/resident address and photo identification.
  2. Proof of financial need must be demonstrated to qualify for a scholarship (a copy of the most recent 1040/A and W-2/1099 form is required). If applicant is not required to file an income tax return, you must include a verification of non-filing of returns letter from the IRS. Please contact the IRS at 800.829.1040 or visit and search Form 4506-T to request a verification of non-filing of returns letter.
  3. Copies of three (3) of the most recent pay stubs from each wage earner which must show your year-to-date income (any household member 18 years or older) must be provided.
  4. A signed Scholarship Application form must be completed and be accompanied by the appropriate Program Registration Form.
  5. All information on the application must be true and accurate. Scholarships are legally recoverable if paid and awarded on the basis of false information.
  6. Amount of fees waived will be based on income criteria and household size.
  7. Payment is required within five business days of receiving notice that waiver of fees has been approved. Participants will be deleted from the program if payment is not received by the deadline.
  8. Scholarships are limited to one program per family member per season.
  9. Programs with direct costs such as trips, contractual programs, and revenue facility programs are not available for a waiver of fees.
  10. All scholarships will be awarded on the basis of need and availability of scholarship funds.
  11. All information submitted is confidential and is not a matter of public record of the Park District.
  12. Receipt of scholarship request does not secure a program spot. Applicants are subject to program availability.
  13. All requests are subject to the Scholarship Coordinator’s evaluation.